Hannah Lees
The Unspoken Thing
23rd February – 8th March 2008
Preview: 23rd February 12 'till late

NANS gallery is proud to present Hannah Lees first solo show, The Unspoken Thing.

Hannah Lees makes work that investigates the environment we inhabit and the divide between the natural world and our modern existence. For her solo show at NANS, continuing this ongoing theme, Lees has produced new work based on ideas of psychedelia and new-age religion.
‘To acquire such a stone is to acquire something whose
preciousness is guaranteed by the fact that it exists in the
Other World. Hence man’s otherwise inexplicable passion
for gems and hence his attribution to precious stones of
therapeutic and magical virtue.’ Aldous Huxley
Both the psychedelic movement and the new-age following can be seen as a form of escape from the dissatisfaction with, modern life, traditional views or organised religion. Largely drawn from, primitive ideas, Shamanism and Occultism, Lee’s drawings and collages reference symbolic patterns from primitive art and crystals and precious gems cut from fashion magazines. Lees will also present a new sculptural installation; ideas of healing and spiritualism are brought into question through the involvement of crystal power within the piece.